Can we Help you choose the right Self-propelled lawn mower?

If owning a lawn mower is a new thing for you, then getting yourself one is a real daunting task.

You could speak to friends and colleagues who have one and have been using them for a period of time but there are always conflicting answers.

We hope this article would give you some of the answers to the questions you have in mind.

Troy-Bilt TB330 – Best for the money

If you are looking for a simple and less expensive mower with reliable components and high performance rating, you should look no further than the Troy-Bilt TB330 21-inch Self Propelled Lawn Mower.

I describe this 163cc, 3-in-1 rear-wheel drive mower as a jack of all trades machine because it trims grass and performs other tasks like side-discharge, rear-bagging & mulching.


TricAction Cutting System & Deck Height Adjustment

The cutting system facilitates for an even trim in just one pass, allowing for a clean mowing in a shorter period of time. It also allows you to achieve uniform mulching with no much hassle.

The deck height adjustment features a single lever that allows for setting of 6 different grass-cutting heights in the range 1.25-3.75 inches. This system enables you to meet grass length requirements in your backyard or garden.

Engine Briggs & Stratton 725EXi Series
Starting System Recoil w/ReadyStart
Deck 21″
Drive System Rear wheel self-propelled

Self-Propelled RWD & Variable Speed Drive- Control

The mower being self-propelled means that you don’t need to push it while cutting grass in your compound. The rear wheels cause forward motion, and so you don’t have to move the equipment when fine-tuning your lawn. The machine is just designed to save a lot of your body energy in your landscaping activities.

The variable speed control allows you to choose a pace that suits you, and so it provides you with a customized control while cutting grass in your compound. This system also features a single lever that offers you 4 speed settings.

Briggs & Stratton Engine, ReadyStart Choke & 1.09-Quart Fuel Tank

The engine is a 163cc OHV-725ex one, and is usually powerful enough to offer you smooth working in your backyard. It operates without stopping, making the whole machine pretty efficient and effective in mowing.

The ReadyStart choke system is added in the engine to sense high temperatures and facilitate for air/fuel mixture adjustments. The 1.09-quart fuel tank can hold enough fuel to keep the lawn mower operating for a number of hours. It prevents you from repeated refilling which is well known to make mowing a tedious activity.

Symmetrical Deck & Rake Bumper

This deck is designed to facilitate for efficient flow of the cut grass and eliminate things like patches and clumping when mulching. It covers a wide surface area which means that it helps reduce the mowing time.

The rake bumper lifts the grass upright facilitating for quick and effective mulching. It also protects your feet from the blades, allowing you to enjoy maximum safety when operating the mower.

  • Perform many tasks at the same- trimming, side-discharging, rear-bagging and mulching.
  • Powerful and efficient with features such as 163cc engine, self-propelled RWD, ReadyStart technology and 8-inch wheels.
  • Time-saving with a 1.09 fuel tank and 9 bushel grass bag which don’t require repeated refilling and emptying respectively.
  • Easy to operate with self-propulsion mechanism, variable speed control and deck height adjustment.
  • Easy to clean with a deck wash.
  • Has non-durable plastic levers.
  • Lacks wheel ball bearings.

In conclusion, the Troy-Bilt TB330 21-inch Self Propelled Lawn Mower is a reliable machine that you should consider owning if you are looking for simple and easy mowing. It will suit you better if you are a beginner in mowing since it is less costly, easy to operate and performs more than one task at the same time.

GreenWorks Pro MO80L510 – Cordless Self-propelled Lawn Mower

Keeping a clean home means that the outdoors have to look beautiful as well. Having an overgrowth on the ground can often cause a displeasing look that is not appealing to people and can often harbor dangerous animals and insects that could cause harm to people. Therefore, it is quite important that you keep the lawn looking neat and smart with a lawn mower.

With the Greenworks Pro mower, you get to enjoy 70 hours of unsupervised mowing thanks to the fully charged 5.0AH battery. This comes with its own charger included and as a result, you can rest in the comfort that no matter how vast or broad your lawn seems, you will always be able to trim it down to a neat height with the lawn mower.

Additionally, the motors are brushless which means that they get to deliver much more enhanced performance and even more reliable. With the Smart Cut sensing technology, automation of the cut is brought to a whole new level as the sensors ensure that your lawn mower is never overloaded. Also, in the event that it does get too loaded for comfort, there are discharges on the sides that will release the excess grass and free up the lawn mower for another round of grass cutting around the compound.

Engine Electrical / Cordless
Starting System Push button start
Deck 21″
Drive System Rear wheel

Whenever your lawn mower is out of charge, it will only take you about half an hour to get it back up to full charge and from there, you will be able to cover a significant portion of the lawn to be mowed which reduces the workload that you have to accomplish and since it is a cordless mower, you will not have to stay behind it all the time since it comes with a bunch of intelligent sensors for that.

The sensors are quite an upgrade to the Greenworks lawn mower in the sense that your lawn will only be mowed down to a certain height leaving it with an even tone. You also save on the cost of fuel and gas sine this is a rechargeable mower and works all on its own.

The lawn mower is also quite easy to operate and work with as compared to older models that required you to yank on a cord before getting the thing started, something that used to be cumbersome and even irritating. In this case, you simply need to push the start button and the lawn mower will smoothly glide over the patch that needs clearing. When it is full, the mulch release will get rid of the excess and allow the mower to go on and complete the rest of the area that needs clearing.

  • Ecofriendly. It is electric lawn mower, so it is does not makes any emission.
  • Quiet operation electric engine
  • You are not limited with wires
  • Battery lawn mowers are expensive because of battery cost

In conclusion, taking care of and maintaining your home requires that you have the best kind of equipment to do tasks such as mowing the loan, leaving it with an even layer of clean grass that is of a reasonable height. With the Greenworks Pro cordless lawn mower, you don’t have to worry about a thing thanks to its reliable and powerful features that make for an amazing mowing experience.

Lawn Boy 10732 – Best Self-propelled Lawn Mower for Hills (under $400)

The Lawn Boy 10732 rear wheel drive gas lawn mower is indeed one of the finest of its kind currently available in the market. It comes with a stylish metal deck, which houses its cutting blades. Frankly speaking, the most critical features that first caught my eyes were its exceptional gas engine, its large 21” cutting width and its self-propelled nature.

All of which make it a godsend if you have a medium to big sized lawn to work on don’t you think?


Powerful gas engine

The 10732’s powerful engine is, without doubt, its main highlight. This is a Kohler XT6 OHV, 4 stroke variety, which can deliver up to 6.5 feet/lbs worth of torque. As you might probably be aware, 4 stroke engines are extremely rare with mowers that fall under the price range of this one.

Engine Kohler
Starting System Recoil
Deck 21″
Drive System Rear wheel drive

With this engine, you will quickly discover that the 10732 is much more dependable, operates quietly and is more durable than most of its rivals. It also runs more cleanly as you won’t be forced to mix its fuel with oil as with mowers, which feature the standard 2 stroke engines.

Self-propelled functionality

This product’s self-propelled function is yet another extremely beneficial feature. I possess a fairly big lawn that has rather sharp inclines at some ends. This has always hampered the level of maneuverability of all the previous mowers I used.

However, the Lawn Boy 10732 is a different case altogether. Besides been self-propelled, its rear wheel drive functionality makes it capable of climbing slopes easily while still offering top notch maneuverability.

Customizable grass cutting height

You will be able to customize this mower’s grass cutting height to a couple different settings, which vary from 1.25” to 3.75”. Both its front and rear wheels feature a height adjustment handle to assist you effect such customizations on the go.

3 in 1 lawn mower

The Lawn Boy 10732 happens to be a 3 in 1 lawn mower. As such, you can opt to mulch the grass you cut or side discharge them. Alternatively, you can select to bag the clippings as you proceed with your mowing operations. I quickly found out that the mulching function, in particular, is very efficient.

The clippings are conveniently cut to very fine pieces that are then evenly spread all over the lawn. On the other hand, its rear bag is relatively capacious and I was able to attach and detach it with ease.

  • Very powerful engine
  • Self-propelled mower
  • Robust construction
  • Carries a standard 2-year ‘no worry’ warranty along with 3-year ‘tru start’ commitment guarantee
  • Great value for money
  • The 10732’s front wheels height customization feature isn’t as effective as that of the front ones. I found it been susceptible to jump from its slot when not secured effectively.

Final verdict

I must confess I was really impressed by the outstanding performance of this gas powered lawn mower. It comes with a very powerful engine, integrates a robust and durable construction and can effortlessly handle real tall grass. This makes it ideal if you have to mow a medium to big sized lawn.

The only drawback in my opinion is its pesky front wheels height customization feature. Other than that, the Lawn Boy 10732 provides great value for money.

Types of Self Propelled Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers come in Gasoline powered or Electric Powered Lawn Mowers. It is safe to say that the gas-powered lawn mowers are more grunty and do the job not only a lot faster but just like a battery powered car and a gas powered car, you can’t beat the power of a gas powered car. Same thing applies here. The Electric Mowers are a lot lighter and though they do get the job, these two types of lawn mowers work in very different ways. Let’s discuss in detail the different types of lawn mowers.

Gasoline Powered Self Propelled Lawn Mowers

The Gasoline powered movers are heavy walk-behind mowers but that is usually because of the engine it comes with. Most of them usually come with a two or four stroke Over Head Valve Engine option. This has enough power to drive the mower blades and the gearbox.

The Gasoline powered machines also give you single or variable speed transmission options controlled by the handlebar and they also come with a brake lever and a clutch.


Extremely Powerful

The Petrol mower though extremely noisy and heavy, will do a great job in your yard as it is full of power making your job done quick and fast with no mucking around.


When gas engines are maintained and serviced properly they last a long time

Wider Reach

Gas engine mowers can easily handle lawns with uneven terrain due to the power it has. So, it can go to areas where the electrical counterpart will not be able to handle.

It has a Consistent Blade Spee

With a gas lawn mower you always set the Rotations per minute (RPM which is the blade speed). The blade speed is consistently maintained and you will power will never be lost to cut of any height or type.


Limited by Fuel

When you’re out of gas, you’re out of gas and the mower stops. It’s that simple.

Oil Type

Not all mowers use the same type of oil, some may use a more expensive type of oil so take that into consideration when factoring in costings. The wrong oil will damage your machine pre-maturely.


Gas machines need more maintenance. Their mechanical parts need to be serviced – their engine, the blades etc and this can be an expensive exercise.


It smells and pollutes the environment


Last but not least, the gas mowers are well known for being the noisiest machines on the planet.

Electric Powered Mowers

Electrical lawn mowers are the lightest among the category of self-propelled lawn mowers, thus it sacrifices on a couple on key important factors too.

Firstly, electric powered self-propelled lawn mowers come in either battery operated or corded version as their power source. The mechanism of the electric powered version is using an induction motor driving a shaft to rotate the drivetrain. The drivetrain oscillates the blades and the wheels. As the mower moves faster, the amount of power available to the blades is less as electric devices work on amperage and their power rating.


There’s no need for fuel

If you’ve got a long cord with extension cord or juice in your batteries, you’re all set to go. You are only limited by your battery charge and your cord length (which can be easily extended with an extension cord)


The noise levels are not even of comparison levels. The Electrical Mower is almost noise-free in comparison to the Gas counterpart which needs ear protection when used for long hours at a time.


The size of the engine and parts of the Gas-powered machine make it bulky and heavy unlike the Electrical one which is light and compact is almost half the size of the gas ones.

Far Less Maintenance

Electrical powered machines only need their batteries replaced when they are due and having their blades sharpened when necessary. There is far less required than with the gas powered machine.

Ease of Storage

Due to the lack of fluids in to mower, it can be easily stored any way, And they are not affected by the environment for lack of use of them.


Uneven Power Distribution

Due to the fact that the motor has to distribute power to evenly among the blades, it skips areas of grass cover. For an Electric Lawn mower to work, it can’t be used on over grown grass.

Limited Distance

Just like when you’re out of gas your gas powered mower stops, your Electric mower is limited by the battery size which will stop you from mowing. If your yard size is large, aim to get a secondary batter. If your machine is corded, get an extra long extension cord.

Battery Life Cycle

A battery can undergo only 300 times of charging and discharging. Just a number to take into consideration if you are intending to purchase an Electric Powered Mower


Of all walk-behind mowers, the electric self propelled mower is the most expensive. In addition, the batteries cost more. In total this is a very expensive exercise.

In conclusion

The best way to decide what’s best for you is to visit the lawn mower specialists and try a variety of lawnmowers. There are so many types available. For me, a gas driven one will never work as I don’t have the strength to have walk behind one of those clunky ones chances are I’ll go for the electric powered one. But if there’s a smaller gas powered one that is not going to drag me away, then I might get one of them.

Talking to friends and family also help but sometimes may create some confusion too, but you don’t have to decide right away. Instead you could visit several lawn mowing outlets and decide which one gives you the best advice.