Best Lawn Mowers 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Perfectly trimmed lawns are every homeowner’s wish. You want to look at the green grass and nod with satisfaction every evening. There are so many reasons for a well-trimmed lawn besides just adding value to your home. When you keep lawns clean and cut the grass short, it becomes even difficult for rodents and other pests to survive in the compound. Risks of pest infestation are hugely minimized with a clean lawn. Lawn care is an important aspect of any home and should thus be taken seriously. The first step is to have a perfect lawn mower for your home. Choosing the perfect one is very important. There are numerous types and models of lawn mowers provide a wide range of features to make the whole task easier and enjoyable.

Choosing the right of a lawn mower

There are several things to consider when choosing lawn mowers. You don’t want to buy a particular type just because you saw your neighbor use one like that. First of all, you need to decide on the nature of grass clipping. Some people would want mower that collects clippings while others would go for designs that throw clippings on the ground to act as manure for the whole lawn. The next thing you need to consider is the terrain of your lawn. Make sure that the machine opted for can work on the contours of your lawn if there are any. Lastly, you will have to consider the nature of lawn mowing. Will you be pushing your mower or riding on it. A clear consideration of this factors will get you a perfect mower for your lawn.

Husqvarna 961450020 – The Best 4 stroke Lawn Mower For You

  • All wheel drive self-propelled lawn mower
  • Honda GCV160cc 4 Cycle engine
  • 3-In-1: bagging, mulching or side discharging the grass
  • 22 Inch Steel Mower Deck

Irrespective of the topography of your lawn, finding the right lawn mower can help simplify the task of maintaining it. The Husqvarna 961450020 lawn mower is one of the machines that claim to offer a hassle free lawn care option. But does it really meet the cut? We explore.

Key Features

*All Wheel 4×4 Drive

Featuring an all wheel 4×4 drive (which is exclusive to Husqvarna’s products), this lawn mower works great on all types of terrain by providing its users with the best mowing results. The feature makes it easy for you to maneuver around by yourself wherever you want. This means the next time you decide to mow your lawn and your lawn has bends and other barriers, you will not need to seek a helping hand.

You will do it all by yourself effortlessly. Sounds good in writing? Yes, but will be even more enjoyable if you experienced it on your next mowing task.

*Honda GCV160cc 4 Cycle Engine

When buying a lawn mower, one of the key things to consider is the engine in terms of power. This is because the right engine will mean having the right power to get the perfect cut. For this reason, at 160cc, no doubt this is one of the most sought-after features of Husqvarna 961450020 HU700AWD mower.

It provides consistent high performance giving you enough confidence that it got more than adequate power to get the job done and also lives up to its reputation. This makes it a great mower to own especially if you’re going to deal with rough or uneven terrain. In addition, the engine uses advanced technology thereby reducing the amount of effort and time required to start it.

This is all thanks to its great power and its automatic choke feature . So even when it is cold, you will be able to start the engine with just one pull thereby helping you save on fuel costs. On the other hand, the engine is gas powered to deliver first class results.

*Auto-Walk Self Propelled Drive System

Boasting a self propelled all-wheel drive system, you will definitely have an easy time controlling the pace of your lawn mower. The feature makes mowing fun rather than a boring activity as most people view it. And if you thought that was all, at the handle bar of this lawn mower is a speed control trigger that gives you the pleasure of choosing your preferred mowing speed that suits your needs.

This therefore means you’ll never need to worry about the large mowing areas anymore because this feature will help you mow your lawn within a short time and efficiently. It will climb a wide variety of inclines with so much ease without the need for hard pushing.

*Three-In-One 22 Inch Steel Mower Deck

Yet another great feature of Husqvarna 961450020 HU700AWD is its 3-In-1 22 inch deck. The deck features powder coated finish to protect it from rust and is made of steel material which means it can stand the test of time even in the worst conditions and at the same time last for years without the need for replacement.

Being 3-In-1, it means you can choose between function like bagging, mulching or side discharging the grass. For the bag feature, it is effortless to get it off as well as put it back on again making it a lot easier to bag your clippings while the mulching option works smoothly than ever so you don’t have to worry about having clumping or even heaps forming underneath the lawn mower. The side discharging function also works great without difficulties.

Its size on the other hand improves the speed of your mowing tasks. This means you will be able to mow your lawn within the shortest time possible.

*Ball Bearing Wheels

Weighing around 105 pounds, this lawn mower is quite heavy compared to other mower models in the same price range. But thanks to its high-quality 4×4 wheels with ball bearings, the lawn mower offers a smoother ride maneuver around which helps to improve the efficiency of the mower significantly. Both the rear and front wheels are 8 inches to provide excellent traction and better durability.

  • Has three years warranty from the manufacturer for your peace of mind
  • Its deck is quite strong, versatile and durable to handle all types of mowing jobs
  • Boast various advanced features like the auto-walk self propelled system
  • Engine starts and runs perfectly
  • Easy to control the mowing speed and use
  • Solidly built for smooth operation
  • Offers flexible performance while increasing the efficiency of your mowing jobs
  • I found it a bit too loud (this may be an issue, if you’re mowing in places where quietness is a requirement, otherwise it’s not really an issue)
  • The mower does not come with a blade stop so it is not possible to stop the blades while the engine is still running

Customer Reviews- What Users Are Saying

The Husqvarna 961450020 HU700AWD lawn mower has so far managed to get a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It seems that majority of users have been impressed with its overall performance. Most users seem to agree that this mower is worth every penny because of its ease of use, works efficiently and provides great mowing results for all types of lawns.

However, there have also been some criticism from a few customers who complained mostly about the engine being noisy although with time when you get used to the noise, it stops being a bother. But despite the few criticisms, it is important to realize that most of the reviews made by users have been positive.


This is a decent lawn mower at its price. It does at it promise by meeting every cutting need you might have and its reliability is excellent. In addition, it is well designed, durable and surprisingly easy to maneuver around.

It is therefore a great mower for whatever size of lawns you have be it big, small or wide with inclines and will keep on mowing for many years to come. Therefore, if you want to reap the benefits of a solidly built mower that works efficiently thereby giving your lawn a neat and great look, then this Husqvarna 961450020 HU700AWD is worth the investment. For sure, the mower is not an exemption to some drawbacks but based on user feedback, this product packs a lot of value.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself this lawn mower by Husqvarna at a price you will not regret in the long run and give your lawn a different look that everybody who visits your property will admire.


Husqvarna 7021P – Best Push Lawn Mower

This is a detailed review of push lawn mower with high rear wheels Husqvarna 7021P.

Since it is a review, I propose to consider the basic requirements to lawn mower by an average consumer:

  • The lawn mower should be easy to manage;
  • The lawn mower should economically consume fuel;
  • It should mow clean to not spend extra time for re-mowing;
  • It should have a fairly lengthy collection box;
  • The lawn mower should be compact.
  • It shouldn’t be too noisy.

The lawn mower Husqvarna 7021P is a technique of household class but is has a contemporary design, quality, and reliability. Most of the products of this company can be found in the shops of building materials and major Internet stores. A fair price for this mower is around $ 300.

Lawn mower Husqvarna 7021P is sufficiently compact and lightweight as well and does not take up much space in the garage or house. The design is also attractive. The product is presented in black and orange colors.

The size of the mower can be attributed to the standard; it is not very big overall. Its size is 68x23x38 inches. The weight is 55 pounds. Although quite a lot of weight, the lawn mower Husqvarna 7021P is very maneuver and easy to operate, it can be easily handled by a woman. Cutting width 21 inches (other manufacturers offer an average of 19 inches) height of mowing is adjusted in small increments and a wide range of 1.5 to 3.5 inches. It is very convenient.

You will be comfortable to mow the grass both on 2 inches and on 3 inches. The amount of grass catcher is large enough that allows collecting the grass in it for a quite long time. But as soon as the grass catcher is going to completely full mowing the grass becomes harder. Therefore it is necessary to empty it before it is completely filled.

Lawn mower Husqvarna 7021P is manufactured in China (as well as most of the equipment), but it has a powerful and modern engine. Engine Type: four-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled.

Engine power is 3 kW. The engine works on gasoline AI-92, fuel tank volume is 0.98 quart. Gasoline is enough for a few hours, which is very pleasing. Most likely you have enough fuel in the tank to cut a lawn. Throttle and filler neck are made very comfortable and modern.

The declared noise level is 90 dB. Mower a little bit noisy, but the work is quite tolerant. The manufacturer recommends the use of headphones while mowing, but can easily do it without them.

On the lawn mower housing graphically represented different precautions. If you are not able to understand these icons, the detailed description is provided in the instructions. The lawn mower has a non-slip handle, you can hold it very comfortably.

Starter handle located on the rail. To pull it, you do not need to bend down. The lawn mower is starting with just 1-2 jerks, which is very fast and convenient. This is sure a please any owner of a lawn near the house.

On the side of the housing is a height adjustment lever haircut, you can set the desired height in seconds. We should not forget that for uneven surfaces you need to choose the highest cutting height.

Grass bag is very roomy and large. It is made of durable fabric. The upper part of it is easy to open. Collector is removed very easily, with just two simple movements. For the convenience, the collection box is equipped with an anti-slip plastic handle. Collector is very comfortable to hold in hand, it does not slip when being transported.

On the grass-housing, you can find an additional handle. Using it is very convenient to pour the grass. If you remove the grass catcher and make the necessary adjustments, the cut grass can be scattered around.

The high wheels of lawn mower are made of solid plastic. They are very reliable and excellently ride on any surface.

Like the majority of Husqvarna walk-behind lawn mowers, the 7021P utilizes a three-in-one cut system and offers mulching, rear bag collection, and side discharge abilities. Its mulch capabilities mean you can bring vital nutrients back into the soil for a healthier, better lawn.

I propose to focus on the advantages and disadvantages of this lawn mower.

  • In the contrast to the electric lawn mowers, petrol mower Husqvarna 7021P is easily moved, the wire does not interfere, which makes mowing most comfortable;
  • This unit has a large working width, a large number of variations of the cutting height (from 1.5 to 3.5 inches);
  • It works relatively noisy.
  • It perfectly copes with mowing close to trees and around flower beds, providing a beautiful appearance of the site;
  • Fuel efficient, a full tank lasts for a few hours;
  • Produces a mulch (grinds the grass). If you want to achieve the best effect, choose a professional mulching blade as in this model you can find universal blade, although its use in everyday life is enough for this model;
  • It requires minimal maintenance, which you may produce by yourself after reading the instruction manual. Instructions are very well written and lawn mower can handle even by a woman which has no experience with this kind of technique
  • Non-height adjustable handle. For low or high people, it can be problematic but for most it will not be a problem;
  • Low volume of the fuel tank. It would be better to see it a little bit larger.

In this case, the disadvantages compared with the advantages are really small.

If you want a well-groomed and beautiful lawn. And you want to spend the minimum amount of time on its care; we recommend to buy this model of lawn mower. Since it combines all the important parameters such as price, quality, convenience and ease of maintenance.

GreenWorks 25302 – Best Battery Lawn Mower

We all want to gain a status symbol from our neighbors by decorating our beautiful houses from inside as well as outside. A perfect lawn in front of our house always carries that significance. We don’t want messy front lawns, so trimming the green field is always appreciable from our neighbors and it will definitely grow our status symbol in the society.

Description of the product

It was a very hectic job to find the proper cordless lawn mowing machine as there are so many products available in the market. But thanks to GreenWorks, as there 25302 model is very much useful for trimming the messy green lawn.

The 20” cutting deck and the supplied 40V Li-Ion battery is so much powerful which can easily complete the full yard work by supplying non-stop power. The machine comes with a 4AH and 2AH battery and a charger to charge those batteries.

Features & Advantages:

The cordless electric mower when fully charged operates for non-stop 70 minutes. Which is definitely a good operating time with the 40V Li-Ion battery. But the product also comes with 2 battery options which are definitely advantageous, as if one battery drains out then also I can operate the machine with another stand-by battery. The mower can work with one battery power, so I don’t need to install another battery on board to operate the machine.

Charging those batteries also save my time. According to the manufacturer, the big battery offers 146Wh and the smaller one gives 73Wh of power simultaneously. So to charge up the bigger one it takes approximately 120 minutes whereas for smaller one around 60 minutes time is sufficient for a full charge.

The manufacturer demands that I don’t have to worry so much about the maintenance cost as it comes with zero maintenance cost.

No gas is required to operate the mower which will definitely give the mower an extra edge in competition market. As no gas is required, so it is an absolutely Eco-friendly product.

The product also lowers down my headache of starting the machine instantly. Yes! the machine comes with an instant electric start button by pressing which I can start the mower for operation.

We know every machine when in operation gives huge noise. The noisy machine always gives us huge trouble with our obsessive neighbors. But the GreenWorks manufacturer demands that their mower will not only produce less noise but also offers less vibration during running.

Sometimes it is very painful for me to carry my mower for trimming my green lawn as most of the mowers from different manufacturers are heavy in weight. But the GreenWorks manufacturer just blown out that possibility by introducing their lighter 25302 model in the market. They demand the 25302 model offers 41% lighter weight as compared to other gas tools.


The mower comes with dual blades which are very useful for cutting the grasses with precision and hight quality. It’s better mulching quality and the capabilities of bagging those trimmed grasses definitely make me fall in love with that machine.

The manufacturer adopts an innovative smart cut technology to cut different grass types and whatever be the lawn condition. It can easily trim any kind of thick grasses and for trimming thick grass required little more power consumption than usual.

The dual battery option given by the manufacturer is only for non-stop working. Whenever the first battery drains out the automatic battery switchover technology takes the power from the stand-by second battery and eliminate the downtime work.

Their design team has designed the mower such a way that it gives great balance during the operation. The product comes with a 20” wide cutting deck for giving proper balance during movement. They also adjusted the cutting capacity so that the mower can work in the mid-sized areas without any problem.

The mower is so much versatile as its’ 2-in-1 facility gives me proper mulching and capabilities of rear bagging.

Another most important feature of this product is the air flow tab indicator. This indicator indicates when the rear bag is full and now it is time for empty the rear bag.

The product is suitable for any person having any height as it has 5 single levers for adjusting the height. According to my height, I adjust the position of the lever to get the desired height. The adjuster also allows 1-3/8” to 3-3/8” range of cutting height.

The last but not the least advantage I get due to the 10” and 7” rear and front wheels respectively which helps me for easy maneuver through my huge range of terrain.

Why is the product believed to be the best in the market?

It is not self-propelled but due to the light weight it works fine and it is very easier to move the mower from one part of the lawn to other. The powerful G-Max 40V Li-Ion battery delivers huge power for non-stop 70 minutes runtime which is definitely a unique property among other products. Even due to its’ easy folding facility the required storage space is very less and it is easily transportable. The machine comes with a huge 4-years warranty which I believe we can’t get in other products with these facilities.

I personally recommend to use this product from GreenWorks as it gives so many benefits like.

  • The power saving option maximizes the runtime and also extends the battery life.
  • Due to the power saving feature, the rotational speed of the dual blades vary. The blades rotate faster when cutting thicker grasses.
  • The weight is just 42.5 lb which gives me great energy to transport and move the mower from one end to another.
  • Large front and rear wheels also provide stability to move the mower during the operation.
  • The folding handle has a foam grip which gives me so much comfort while operating the machine.
  • The instant electric start button also faded my anxiety for starting the mower instantly if the start stops.
  • Very low noise.
  • It is more expensive than gas or corded lawn mower because of expensive battery
  • The running time of the battery between recharges is as low as only 70 minutes

Conclusion :

So from this product overview and customer review we can easily draw the conclusion that buying this product in the Christmas eve is always beneficial as this product gives us huge advantages like its’ light weight feature, dual battery automatic switchover facility and zero emissions for mid- or large-size flat lawn homeowners.

Greenworks 25022 – Corded Lawn Mower – Is It A Value For Money Buy

There is no doubt that the importance of a lawn mower is best understood by those who own a home with garden and backyard. They always would like to keep their lawns in the best of condition. Lawn mowers therefore have a big role to play.

Choosing the right model and brand is not an easy job. This is because of the multiplicity of brands and models in the market. This complicates matter and often leads to indecision and confusion.

However, in this article we will go through an objective and factual Greenworks 25022 lawn mower review. We are sure it will help customers to have a correct perspective about this brand and model.

What Is So Special About This Mower

This particular model from Greenwork is certainly a popular mower. There are quite a few reasons for this. First and foremost, we have found that many customers are in praise of this specific model. Hence it would be worthwhile looking at a few interesting features of the same.

Power is an important attribute when selecting a lawn mower. We have found that this model comes with a powerful motor of 13 Amp.

This powerful motor helps the blade to function optimally. It cuts through the grass quite efficiently and speedily.

It also comes with a 20 inch cutting deck which also is worth mentioning.

We also are quite impressed with the unique 3-in-1 feature. It helps a lot because it has quite a few options. These include side discharge, efficient grass clippings and rear bagging. It also has the best of mulching facilities which we believe makes it versatile.

We have found the 7 position height adjustment also very unique and useful. It helps cutting height to 3 3/4 inch from 1-3/4 inch. This certainly goes a long way in helping in get the perfect cut irrespective of the type of grass which one might be using.
It is easily portable and mobile because it comes with 7 inch front wheels and 10 inch rear wheels. It is well balanced and there is no risk of falling down while mowing.

Dimensions And Measurements

The Greenworks 25022 lawn mower comes with a dimension of 18 inches x 17.2 inches x 26.2 inches and weighs around 53.1 pounds. Given the function parameters and features, we have reasons to believe that it is quite lightweight. It is made from the best of external material which is water proof and corrosion proof.

It also is ergonomically designed and therefore easy to port around. It has been built to last and we are quite impressed with the positive reviews which it has been able to garner. There are quite a few hundred reviews which it has been able to manage from customers.

We have observed that almost 85% of customers have assigned it a rating of 4.0 and above out of a possible 5.0. This is no mean achievement and it certainly speaks volumes about the positive perception which customers have about the lawn mower as a whole.

We will now have a look at the various advantages and shortcomings of this model, so that we can have a completed, holistic and rounded perspective of the machine.

Positive Takeaways From This Lawn Mower

what’s good about this? Well:
  • As mentioned above, the 20 steel-deck is a big takeaway. Further the size of the blade is 20 inches. This ensures that you get a closer cut with this mower. It compares quite favorably with the various B&D plastic models which could be available at a much lower rate. The problem with these models is that they have a thick plastic housing.
  • It has a capacity to survive sticks/rocks, roots and twigs much better than the plastic variants available in the market.
  • The bag and the discharge cover fit quite easily and firmly. Unlike many brands of lawn mowers it looks quite sold and not like a child’s play toy.
  • Since the power cord has to be carried separately the lawn mower is quite light. This is something we have mentioned above and would like to reiterate that this is a big advantage.
  • It also compares well in weight when one looks at equivalent mowers which work on battery or gas.
  • The rear wheels are quite large and it certainly helps a lot in easy maneuverability.
  • Lowering and reducing heights is also quite easy and it has a number of height adjustment options to choose from.
The Downsides
  • At times the wheels and axles gobble up the cord while on the move. Some type of shielding could perhaps help solve the problem.
  • We also have found that while it does a decent job in mulching, when the growth is thick, it does struggle a bit. It is not that it does not mulch but the process is quite time consuming.
  • The blade mounting holes are proprietary and fitting and unfitting the blades often is a tough task.
  • Unfortunately the blade seems to have proprietary mounting holes so that’s hard to do

A Look At The Motor Closely

The motor, we find, works on DC power supply and it belongs to the Globe 7080 series. The specs are easily available and therefore replacing spares should not be a big problem at all. We believe that they are cheaper and more importantly lighter when compared to various other AC motors in the market. But they may not score very positively as far as durability and longevity is concerned.

We also find that mower has a maximum blade speed of 19000 feet per minutes. Though higher speeds might help in more efficient mowing of grass there are perhaps some mandatory government restrictions which have to be adhered to.

We find that the maximum usable power is 600 to 650 watt which should be around 1 HP. It compares quite favorably with various other brands and models in the market.


We have reasons to believe that it is a good buy for mild to moderate mowing requirements. It comes from the house of Greenworks and all the previous models which we have reviewed have done well. Hence, we believe the same is the case with this specific brand of lawn mower. It offers good value for money.

Here are some of the most common types of lawn mowers.

Push Mowers

Push mowers involve walking with our lawn mower as it cuts the grass. The person actually pushes the machine over grass for a perfect finish. Being the most used mower in the world, it comes into different forms depending on how they are made. For this, there are numerous types of Push Mowers as discussed below.

. Gas lawn Mower

Gas powered lawn mowers have a lot to offer. Having been around for some time now, Gas mowers have gone on to dominate homes for their power and efficiency. They are ideally powered by gas and would produce a unique mowing sound together with emissions while mowing. Many people like them for their dependability and durability. If maintained well, gas lawn mowers could serve you for a very long time without technical problems. Modern product would even come with electric starter for better and faster controls. However, be sure to have ear protection pieces on and even goggles as they really make a lot of noise and can kick a number of pebbles toward your eyes while mowing.

. Electric

Electric mower come with one advantage over gas mowers. They are easy to operate and considerably quiet making many people to love them. For any person who is concerned with air pollution that characterizes the gas mowers, this electric mower would be a perfect option. There are two types of electric lawn mowers.

The first one is corded electric mowers that features an electricity cable running to the power source. This type is efficient but can pose a problem especially when it comes to moving the cable here and there without cutting it.

The other type is the electric battery powered mowers. This type has no cord and will move around more comfortably than the corded version. They are easy to start at a flip of a switch and can last for hours depending on the battery type. They are also noise free and thus would be valuable for quiet neighborhoods. However, the battery adds more weight to the whole unit making it cumbersome to push. Many manufacturers are however coming up with lighter models.

. Self-propelled

If the likelihood of shoving a heavy lawn mowers is unpleasant, then perhaps going for the self-propelled version is a wise idea. It is a version of the walking mower that does the work on its own. It relies on the mower’s power to pull itself along the yard for a number of hours.

. Manual

Manual lawn mowers have no wheel drive and will need a lot of pushing to basically do the job. They were a common thing in the previous century, though many people still love them. The good thing with this push mower is that they have less emissions as compared to gas powered mowers.

. Reel Mowers

Closely related the manual mowers are Reel mowers which feature a superb grass cutting technique and move more easily than the manual mowers. However, you will find cutting grass to below level 1’ to be difficult. It is also hard to cut grass with reel mowers near fences or trees.

Riding Mowers

Riding mowers are an advancement on push mower as one boards the lawn mowers to cut grass. Latest designs have been made to be faster and more efficient. If you don’t like the prospect of having to push heavy mowers over a large area, then riding mowers would be your perfect option. They may be battery powered or gas powered, but feature a steering wheel and a seat space to provide comfort for the person cutting grass. You will find them to be more effective in the industry. A unique type of the riding mowers is the Zero turn mowers.

Zero turn mowers

While riding, there is always need to move on the next row without leaving any grass in between the rows. Zero turn mowers thus ensure that you can turn at 180 degrees to the next row making clean grass cut in between the rows. However, it should be known that these mowers are very expensive and require good maintenance to serve for a long time.

Robot Mowers

Robot mowers are the latest in the market and are also highly priced. It ideally moves around by itself cutting grass with amazing precision. They come with a programmed function that makes it easier to get around trees and leave a smooth cut. The good thing with robot mowers is that they c be programmed to cut grass after a certain number of days and do not someone to push or ride them around.

Finally, getting the perfect type of lawn mower is not that complicated as many people would want you to believe. You only need to know available types and make a choice depending on what you want. Be sure to buy from certified suppliers to avoid getting fake products.