A Detailed And Enlightening Review Of The Remington RM202A Lawn Mower

Environmental conservation has been a major issue when it comes to choosing the right lawn mower mainly because the lawn mowers that use gas are notorious in polluting the environment. However, you can get an electric lawn mower that is equally powerful but does not affect the environment negatively. One of such lawn mowers is the Remington RM202A lawn mower.

Features and specifications

The main feature I like about this particular lawn mower is that it uses a 12 amp electric motor which provides it with the necessary power to enable it cut even the tough grass easily. This power is eclectic where you just need to connect the lawn mower with a power source. The power is complimented by the fact that despite the high power the lawn mower does not produce any smoke therefore making it environmental friendly.


Engine Displacement Electric (12 Amp)
Starting System Electric Start
Deck Cutting Width 19 Inches
Discharge Location Mulch & Side Discharge
Drive System Push
Handle Adjustable Ergo
Deck Height Adjustment 6-Position Height Adjust
Cutting Height Range 1.25″ – 3.5″
Wheels 7″ Front, 7″ Rear
Warranty 2-Year Limited

Another feature of the Remington RM202A lawn mower I like is that it has a nineteen inch 2-in-1 cutting deck system which gives you the options of either mulching or side discharging the grass. This cutting deck covers a wide area therefore allowing you to work faster. The 2-in-1 grass clipping options are also easy to change where you can choose the one you like in a simple manner.

The dimensions of this lawn mower are fourteen inches by twenty three inches by thirty inches and its total weight is fifty seven point one pounds. This makes it one of the smallest and easiest to carry lawn mowers you will ever find. Despite its small size this particular lawn mower has the ability to perform even better than most of the bigger lawn mowers.

The wheels of this lawn mower are made using strong materials which are meant to make it easy to push around. The wheels are designed in a manner that they can go even in places with tall grass in a convenient manner. The wheels also play a major role in ensuring you do not struggle while mowing the grass you need to cut.

The handle of the Remington RM202A lawn mower is made in a way that it can be easily adjusted. This is an important feature because you get the freedom to adjust this handle to the level you will be most comfortable. Therefore if you are either tall or short you can adjust the height of the handle to ensure you are totally comfortable.

Another prominent feature of this lawn mower is that it comes with detailed but simple to understand instructions. This is helpful especially if you are getting the lawn mower for the first time since you can easily assemble it without needing any help. You also get to know the safety attributes you need to observe and also how to maintain it so that it can remain in good condition for a longer period.

Pros and Cons forĀ  Remington RM202A lawn mower

  • The main aspect that makes the Remington RM202A lawn mower stand out when compared with any other lawn mower is that it does not produce smoke or noise. This is facilitated by the fact that it is electric unlike the traditional ones that uses gas. All what you need is long enough cord that will let you reach all the places you need conveniently.
  • Another main pro of this lawn mower is that it has enough power that enables it perform optimally. Many people believes that the bigger lawn mowers are the most powerful but the truth is that this particular lawn mower is even powerful than most of the bigger ones. This assures you that you will get your grass cut effectively while using this lawn mower.
  • There is also the benefit of that this lawn mower comes with a warranty which is a way of assuring you that you are getting a quality product. This is an important benefit since you will get the full value for the money you spend. All what you need is to use the lawn mower as instructed so that it does not get damaged unnecessarily.
  • The fact that this lawn mower is adjustable also puts it ahead of many other types of lawn mowers. This is because you can use it for long hours without getting uncomfortable since you can adjust it to the levels you want. Furthermore, you can choose the size of the grass you want to leave on the ground.
  • You might notice that most parts of the Remington RM202A lawn mower are made using plastic. This might be an issue because the plastic can easily get broken if it is hit by something rough or hard. This means that you need to be more careful while using, carrying or even storing the lawn mower to make sure the plastic is not damaged.
  • A number of people have also complained that the wheels of the lawn mower get damaged especially during delivery. Even though the lawn mower comes packed properly, the wheels are usually more prone to being damaged. I was also affected by this issue but I got replacement wheels once I raised the issue with the people who sold the lawn mower to me.
  • The fact that this lawn mower is corded means that you need a long cord so that you can use it properly. If your cord is not long enough you might not be able to reach to some areas you need to reach. It is also important to ensure that the cord you buy is of the right quality since there are cords which are more reliable and of better quality than others.


It is evident that the Remington RM202A is a modern push lawn mower and has features that will make mowing your compound more enjoyable. Majority of its attributes are carefully designed with an objective of ensuring you get the best from the lawn mower. It is also made in a way that you get to conserve the environment effectively which is a major concern which you should consider whenever you are selecting the right lawn mower to use.