Honda hrr216k9vka vs hrr216vka Mowers Review

The Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 variable speed self-propelled gas mower with auto choke is a highly reliable easy to use mower. It allows the user to mulch, bag and discharge without using additional tools. It uses the most modern innovative technology developed by Honda.

This machine is the cutting edge of how a mower should look like. It has been able to stay above others in the competition. I have been using the mower and I find it very reliable since it saves time and money. In addition, it has an excellent engine and mulches well thanks to the brilliant engineering. The most important aspect of the mower is the ability to modify speed. When I’m mowing, I only rotate the lever since no pushing is needed. I find it very easy to use.

Product description

What is the difference between hrr216k9vka and hrr216vka? It is the same lawn mower, HRR216VKA is the model number and HRR216K9VKA is the model code.

Model Number: HRR2169VKA
Model Code: HRR216k9VKA
Cutting Width: 22 INCH
Ignition Method: 0.78 – 3.14 INCH
Engine: 400W
Power: up to 36% (20°) degrees
Drive: 28 x 25 x 12 INCH
Deck Material: 44 Lb
Cutting Height: 120 min
Included Accessories: Rear bag and mulch kit
Weight: 85.0lb
Speed: Variable up to 4.0 mph
Clipping Discharge: Rear bag/Mulch/Side Discharge
Consumer Warranty: 3 years

The mower uses Honda GCV160 engine which is easy to start, reliable and has an auto choke system. It has a smart drive feature since it is self propelled and gives a variable speed. The mower is 3 in1 making it easy to mulch, bag and discharge hence no attachments are needed. In addition, it has a twin blade micro cut system. It can also be folded making it easy to store. The mower comes with six position height cutting adjustments .Further; it has ball bearing wheels which are 8 inches. It also has a zone start safety system and the handles give a nice grip. The Honda HRR216VKA mower has a steel deck and weighs 84 pounds.

Honda Smart Drive Technology

The technology used in the mower is developed by Honda. I enjoy using the machine due to the ergonomically designed lever which allows me to set my desired speed. There are five different speed settings. Based on the condition that I’m mowing, I only rotate the lever. I find it very easy to use. The variable speed control system makes it easy to adapt to the mowing speed. In addition, the adjustable control allows me to position the mower the way I want giving maximum comfort.

Honda Micro-Cut Twin Blades

This feature makes the mower more user friendly and increases efficiency. It is the reason behind the ability to perform the three functions: mulch, bag and side discharge with ease. This is the secret that makes it different from the other mowers.

Honda GCV160 Engine

It’s beyond any reasonable doubt that Honda has produced reliable engines over the years. This mowers engine is no different. Every time I start the engine, it responds without any problems. Since it is the heart of the self propelled mower, Honda has ensured that the engine gives high performance. In addition, it is one of the best models that are available in the market place. Further, it is eco friendly and has been certified as a safe engine. In fact, it has been able to comply with all the regulations of United States. This means it can be used in all the states in the US.

Honda Auto Choke System

This is an important feature. It ensures the mower takes less time to empty the bags. In addition, it gives more clippings per bagful when mulching. When I’m mowing, I always find the clippings quite small which facilitates faster decomposition.

Engine start

Unlike other mowers where you have to give several attempts for the engine to start, the engine for this mower starts very fast. The ease and fast starting saves time and energy. I always don’t have any worries in when it comes to starting and emission.

The 8-inch Ball Bearing Wheels

It ensures that the mower moves well. It is not challenging to work in areas with little obstacles since the wheels allow free mobility. In addition, they give amazing traction. I find this user friendly. The wheels allow easy navigation on my lawn.

Adaptable quick-fold handles

I find this feature unique on my mower. Every time I’m mowing in the field, it becomes easy to transport it to the working area. Further, once I’m done mowing, it becomes easy to store since it occupies very small space.

The 3-in-1 system

It saves lot of money. The mower mulches, bags and discharges. This helps in saving money since I don’t have to do costly attachments or use other tools. It also ensures that no traces of grass are left on the lawn.


Speed variability

Since it is fitted with a speed control mechanism, I’m able to suit it to my needs. When I compare the mower with other appliances, it is quite perfect since I can control the mowing speed. Through the mower smart drive feature, it gives the walking comfort enabling me to cut long and short grass with ease.

Fuel efficiency

Many people don’t like mowers that are fuel propelled since it can be quite expensive. However, this model uses very little fuel and still maintains high performance. I use little fuel to mow a very large area.

Safety during and after use

The foam grip handles protects my hands from friction. In fact when I’m mowing on a large yard, I cannot complain of any discomfort. The zone start safety system ensures the engine is killed if I let off the fly wheel. This minimizes the chances of injuries. In addition, since the mower is light in weight, it becomes easy to move it around. I have been using this mower for a long time and the gas does not spill out hence I don’t risk my health.

The 3-Year warranty

Unlike other self propelled mowers available in the market, The Honda HRR216K9VKA comes with 3 year warranty. Other mowers have 1 year warranty. This makes the mower stand out from the rest. It is beyond any reasonable doubt that the manufacturer believes in the quality of the mower.


It is expensive. However, price should not be an issue if you are looking for quality and performance.


The Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 variable speed-self propelled gas mower with auto choke should be on top of your list if you are looking for quality lawn mowing appliance. Apart from a few minor flaws, it is a reliable mower. The smart drive technology, powerful engine and fuel efficiency makes it worth the price. I use the mower everyday and it always performs very well.

Important: new generation of this model is avaiable  – Honda HRR216VYA, order now!