GreenWorks 25022 Corded 20-Inch Mower Review and comparison with 25112

Any quality and performance-oriented lawn mower will make the lawn trimming as well as a weed-eliminating task a breeze. Although there are different models of lawn mowers out there, the corded electric ones occupy a special place in the market. This is because they will never lose their efficiency during the work, as they are constantly connected to a power outlet.

Nowadays, almost all corded electric mowers come with a durable cord and blade of enough length. This will allow you to move your mower to the extreme corner of your yard and trim the long-grown grass down easily and effectively. One such quality and the performance-focused electric corded mower is the 25022 Mower from GreenWorks. If you want to know more about this mower, read this review further.

Overview of the mower

The powerful 12 amps motor, a simple design, and reliable performance make the mower the best selling product. With my GreenWorks 25022 Mower, I need no trimmer, as the GreenWorks mower cuts the grass in my yard very closely. This is for the reason that the 20-inch huge steel deck of the mower allows you to move the mower through any type of grass growth with great comfort.

Moreover, you can set the height position of the grass cutter in seven different ways, ranging in height from 3.75 inches to 1.5 inches. This allows you to trim the grass down of different heights easily and quickly. The ergonomic design, folding handle, reliability, easy maneuverability, and an affordable price make the GreenWorks-25022 Mower the most sought after tool amid many homeowners. It earns the user rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.0 stars.

GreenWorks 25022 vs 25112 Comparison table

GreenWorks 25022 GreenWorks 25112
Dimensions 36.7 x 19.8 x 22.5 inches 23.2 x 17.2 x 31.5 inches
Power Corded, 12 Amp Motor Corded, 13 Amp Motor
Deck Size 20-inch 21-inch
Mulch/Bag/Discharge Mulch, bag, and discharge Mulch, bag, and discharge
Drive System Manual Push Manual Push
Starter Key Push button Push button
Height Adjustment Single lever (7 positions) Single lever (7 positions)
Height Settings 1-1/2- to 3-3/4-inch 1-3/4- to 3 3/4-Inch
Wheel Size 7-inch front / 10-inch rear 7-inch front / 10-inch rear
Weight 56 pounds 61.65 pounds
Warranty 4 years 4 years
Check price for 25022 Check price for 25112

As you can see in this table, the difference between Greenworks 25022 and 25112 is minimal.

25112 has larger deck size (21 inch) and more powerful engine (13 Amp), while 25022 has lighter weight and lower minimal cutting height (1-1/2 inch). There are all difference between these mowers.

Why should you buy this GreenWorks walk behind mower?

The major reason behind the popularity of this mower is its features, which are beneficial, as well as handy. Some of the notable features of the product include:

It is comfortable and easy to use

From the start of your grass-trimming job, you will discover that the mower is extremely comfortable and easy to use. The major benefit that I found in this electric corded mower is that it did not interrupt my cutting task, as it did not come out from the power outlet itself.

When comes to mulching, the plug of the cord will go into a hole in the spring-loaded rear door. You can also take this plug away and can fix the required accessory to the side discharge bag. Although the rear bag and the side discharge bag are bit expensive, they are exceptionally good.

Another beneficial and notable feature of the mower is its height adjustment. Just through a simple-to-use lever, you can adjust the height position of the product to seven dissimilar heights.

Lastly, the slim 20-inch front steel deck allows you to cut all types of grass, weeds, and other hard obstacles easily and quickly.

Above all, GreenWorks offers the mower with useful training videos on the way to set up the mulching plug, use the cord retainer, etc.

The mower offers a high-quality cut.

The grass-trimming machine comes with a big cutting deck, a powerful 12-amp motor, an abundance of power, and better construction. All these features make the mower to offer a remarkable cutting performance, irrespective of the size and the nature of the objects.

It comes with an amazing height modification feature.

This means that you can adjust the height position of the mover to seven positions, ranging in height from 3.75 inches to 1.5 inches using a lever. Even at the maximum height of 1.5 inches, you will not be rubbing the ground because of the slimmer deck design. This will allow you to offer your grass a stiff crop when required, without harming the soil on the top.

It comes attached with a powerful motor.

GreenWorks designs the 25022 Corded push mower with a powerful motor with the sufficient current carrying capacity of 12 Amps. Unlike other analogous mowers that do not come with the matching motor, this mower from GreenWorks comes with an equally powerful motor. This offers the lawn-cutting machine not only the skill to cut grass, but also other objects, such as weeds and other hard obstacles. This means that the GreenWorks mower is the premier power-packed equipment. As it is an electrically driven machine, it offers a silent performance, as well.

It is easy to maintain.

The 20-inch corded mower from GreenWorks needs little to no maintenance. This technological wonder will drone to life the second you switch it on, even if you keep the mower in a shed, chain it to the ground through a windstorm, or leave it out exposed to the setting.

It is the most affordable grass-trimming equipment

GreenWorks designs this corded mower by keeping the budget conscious people in mind, meaning it is an affordable grass-cutting machine. This is also ideal for those who do not like to skimp out with an inexpensive lawn mower, which will most likely stop working during its initial tryst with an uncovered root.

Attractive warranty

GreenWorks offers the mower with a comprehensive warranty of four years. Therefore, you can rest guaranteed that you would get the real value for your money spent on buying the equipment.

Pros and cons of the mower

Any quality product in the market has its own pros and cons, so this GreenWorks mower is no poles apart. However, the benefit of buying this lawn-trimming equipment is that its pros outweigh its cons, offering customers the real worth for their money.

Pros of the mower

  • Well-constructed and muscular design.
  • Outstanding performance
  • 12-amp powerful and durable motor.
  • Side discharge, back bagging, and mulching skills.
  • Adjustable to seven different height positions.
  • Attractive warranty.


  • It comes only with one lever to change the height positions.

Final verdict

Buying the 25022-12 Amp-20 inch-electric lawn mower from GreenWorks is a shrewd as well as a lucrative option. This is because it is durable, ergonomically designed, strongly built, and an absolute enjoyment without ever being challenging. Buying the mower at Amazon is a cost effective option. This is for the reason that you can get the product without shipping charge.

Furthermore, it will arrive at your doorstep safely and quickly within two days. Moreover, the pros of this GreenWorks mower outweigh its cons. This means that it offers the real value for your hard-earned money. Therefore, I highly recommend this 20-inch corded electric walk behind mower to all of my friends and relatives. It is a must-have product in every home to keep a neat, tidy, and green garden.