DIY: Remote Control Lawn Mower – How to Guide

Have you ever asked yourself how to mow a lawn fast? The answer is simple; get a DIY RC Lawnmower! Now what does DIY and RC stand for? DIY is Do It Yourself and RC is remote control. So, what you have is a swanky Do It Yourself Remote Control Lawnmower that allows you to cut the grass from your living room. Now you can continue to be a couch potato and play a video game through the remote-control counsel and do something constructive with your time and help with the chores. This game is called “Mow fast with DIY RC Lawnmower”.

Now how does it work?

According to this video on RC Zero Turn, some DIY RC lawnmowers transmit video inside your house to your TV. This means you can mow the grass from inside your house.

How to set up your DIY RC Lawnmower

All at the flip of a few switches on a remote controller. You begin by turning on the RF signal. The touch screen on the remote control comes alive with readings of all parameters. You can control the rig through a set of buttons and switches that control the blade, engage the clutch or kill the engine. Another flip of a switchand you can control the winch, the LED lights and raise or lower the deck of the lawn mower. Two controllers control the two wheels; there is one for the left wheel and the other for the right.

At the top of the rig there is the video transmission system that functions as your remote eyes. The signals are transmitted via two antennas mounted on top so that the Go-pro camera can show you where the rig is going. The information is transmitted real time to your TV. This entire system transmits THE video into your house in full HD without delay.

This RC Mower allows you to mow your lawn from your living room. Just turn up the choke turn the throttles down before you start it. Then turn on the on switch and press the start button. Then turn the throttle up for the engine to rev up. Next engage the blade. Each wheel has a zero turn and turns independently.

Now come inside the house and connect the signal receiver. It picks up the transmission from the GoPro on the lawn mower. Connect the HDMI cable to the back of your TV. You can see it has linked when the lights turn on.

Now sit in your living room and mow the lawn like you are at the handle of a regular lawn mower. Only now you are doing it like it like a video game on your HD TV in your living room. The convenience of this rig is that the deck can be raised or lowered to the maximum clearance of 50 centimetres off the ground. This allows for cleaning and repair, oiling etc.

How to clean the DIY RC Lawnmower after use?

Now the clean-up! Just engage the winch and raise the deck up all the way. Hoist it up and just spray off the left-over grass. And you are done.

Using the DIY RC Lawnmower at night!

The mower works as well at night due to the LED headlights. Just switch on the headlights and see all through the HD camera that transmits the video indoors.

This is how you make a DIY RC Lawnmower of your own

Make your own DIY Radio Controlled Lawnmower, from an electric wheelchair and a remote control forms your game counsel.

Get an electric wheelchair – you will find a reasonably good one at the second-hand dealer. Check if its batteries are in a serviceable condition. Ask around in the electronics shops you may find some spare motors and controls to replace the worn parts.

Replace the frame if required. Check the motors and associated drive circuitry, wheels and batteries.

The wheelbase can be extended and a common lawnmower can be bolted on. This will lower the centre of gravity and offer grip while cutting the grass. Keep the lawn mower complete with modifications in the wheels. Remove the push handle because this is a remote-controlled lawnmower. I recomend to use the base from riding mower.

The joystick can be modified to receive the radio signals that will drive the rig, remotely. The power for the mower is received from the power connector that is also used to power the joystick. It is really simple to repurpose an electric wheel chair into a mower as all the original drive circuitry can be utilized.

A failsafe is built into the electric wheelchair to stop the motors upon loss of signal. A standard 2 channel transmitter and receiver pair can be used for the remote control. This model can be evolved to have an electric start mower controlled by a 3rd or 4th channel RC transmitter too.

The rough estimates of costs

Electric wheelchair $150
A regular lawnmower $200
Radio gear $100
The essential electronic parts for joystick interface $30
Total $480

But you could look for bargains on the eBay and service spots. It is amazingly simple and cost-effective way out of mowing lawns. Besides, your laziness has made you an inventor!

Build aRobotic DIY RC Lawnmower

According to these Instructables, DIY instructions you can make your own robotic lawnmower. It meets the objective of DIY projects, which are meant to be low cost yet effective solutions to facilitate our lives. Some of these robotic lawnmowers have already hit the local markets and are making good money for their inventors.

As technology advances every day and simplifies making the spare parts via 3D printing. Some inventors are using it to build complete robotic DIY RC Lawnmowers! According to digital trends, German engineer Andreas Haeuser, has already built the Ardumower, a DIY robotic mower that you can print and assemble for yourself at home. It costs about $250-$300.

It functions very much like the robotic vacuum cleaner the Roomba. You will need to set up the wire fence as a boundary for the little guy so that this DIY RC lawnmower knows where to mow. With a little time and effort, you will be good to go and free of a chore. Ha, true, laziness is the mother of invention and it brings the windfall too! So let’s be lazy and invent, chuckle chuckle!